Clothing cooked like waffles

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What is Gaufrait?
Japanese athleisure label launched in 2016. Based on 3 concepts: gender-free, season-free and stress-free. The beautiful graphic relief 3D pattern is created through an industrial process similar to that used for cooking waffles, “gaufres” in French. The 3D pattern minimizes skin contact and provides maximum comfort. Enjoy your own Gaufrait by choosing among a wide range of colors, graphics and sizes combinations.

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GAUFRAIT: clothing cooked like waffles.
A sewn, half-finished product is pressed between a metallic cast for graphic “punching,” one at a time by the skillful hands of craftsmen. Freshly pressed clothing have a three-dimensional pattern called “graphic relief” that engenders this unique textile with beautiful shadows.

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GAUFRAIT: clothing without constraints.
Our products are made by combinations of planar cuts. The balance of “margins” between one’s skin and fabric, when three-dimensional body is enveloped by a planar clothing, allows anyone to wear this piece regardless of their gender or body shape. Choose your own favorite among combinations of colors, patterns and sizes.

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GAUFRAIT: contemporary functional clothing.
The three-dimensional fabric pressed into a relief has decreased contact area with skin, which provides maximum comfort. The highly quick-dry textile is durable, and compatible with ordinary laundry, as well as being convenient for all occasions and travels as it is compact and lightweight.



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