Message from our creative director

A simple design that will survive over timeā€¦

My garments are conscious of architecture and product design, not prints but the light and shadow of three-dimensional design.

Inspired by modern Japanese aesthetics, I wanted to recreate in modern graphics traditional Japanese patterns such as Ichimatsu, Higaki, Asa no ha or Uroko.

I find it difficult to have clothes ready for each occasion on a daily basis, being comfortable on the move, not being impolite when arriving at a meeting and changing to a more stylish format for dinner. On the other hand, wearing the same clothes all day long is also stressful.

I wanted clothes that are moderately casual and reasonably elegant, clothes that do not wrinkle, are compact, easy to wash and dry, clothes that are comfortable but also easy to handle. The Japanese word for “easy” “raku” also means “fun”. Comfortable, fun and stress-free not only for travel but also for everyday life.

I want GAUFRAIT to be clothes that help people live their lives beautifully.

Creative Director

Takashi Mori Marx went solo after working for Miyake Design Studio and Issey Miyake Inc. In 2006, he joined SOMA DESIGN as sound creator and at the same time launched his own brand “MOLFIC” focusing on functional beauty. “MOLFIC” was later shown at the Tokyo Collection. He also worked for Descente Ltd., Sanyo Shokai Ltd. and Daiichi Orimono Co., Ltd., helping create new brands or directing existing ones.

In 2016, he was struck by the minimalist sentence of the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe: “Less Is More” and used the three capital letters LIM attached to IDEA as the name of a new company: LIMIDEA Inc. GAUFRAIT is one of the activities of LIMIDEA.